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Transitioning your loved one into senior care is one of the hardest choices you’ve ever faced. Even though you know it’s the best decision to support their increased needs, safety, and wellbeing—you still struggle, imagining your loved one isolated in a drab, impersonal setting. 

Now, imagine it wasn’t like that at all…

Memory Care is Our Mission

It’s our mission to transform the old, outdated model of memory care facilities. Our new, state of the art memory care community has redefined the standard of what memory care can be. You no longer need to choose between your loved one’s safety and quality of life. With us, they’ll have both and so much more.

Our innovative community looks and feels more like a boutique hotel.

Our innovative community may feel more like a lush, tropical resort than the sterile institutions you’ve come to expect—but don’t let that fool you. We created this community from the ground up with the population we serve at heart. Every aspect was intentionally designed to support the needs of individuals living with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive conditions.

If you’re searching for a memory care community in southeast Florida, we’re glad you found us! We support our residents and their loved ones with science-backed, compassionate care. We believe life is always worth living. And it’s never too late to reconnect with what matters most. 

Read on to learn more about our exclusive programs, innovative community, and impressive amenities. Or, simply tap the button to schedule your free in-person tour and come see for yourself how we’ve rewritten the playbook for senior living and care.

The Pathways Program

A personalized journey of reconnection

This proprietary program was designed especially for us. We offer our residents with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia a level of holistic care that’s transforming existing industry standards.

Using an individualized, multifaceted approach, The Pathways Program promotes our residents’ quality of life, ability to connect with loved ones, and participation in preferred activities.

You worry transitioning your loved one into senior care is akin to watching them slowly fade away. With our Pathways Program, revitalizing your deep, lasting bond to your loved one is foundational. Through it, we offer you a roadmap of reconnection—so you can continue to share meaningful times with your loved one, no matter where they are in their dementia journey.

This evidence-based, person-centered program offers renewed hope to our residents and their loved ones. Because dementia isn’t the end—it’s a chance for a new beginning.

Nourishing Nutrition


Too often, nutrition is treated as an afterthought in senior living. That’s not the case at Palm Beach Memory Care. We recognize the importance diet plays in our overall health and wellness—particularly when it comes to supporting brain function.

Our residents always have access to delicious, healthy food and beverages. We offer assistance when needed, encouraging safe, adequate intake. We closely monitor our residents in a friendly, supportive way—they know we’re here, and will gladly provide anything they need.

Safe & Secure

We’ll stay vigilant, so you can rest easy

With our signature Vigil Monitoring System, there’s no need to choose between your loved one’s safety and their peace of mind. Through this innovative system, we closely monitor our residents, while upholding their dignity.

Unlike other resident monitoring systems, Vigil doesn’t rely on bright, flashing lights or jarring alarms, which can be unsettling for people with dementia. We’re able to ensure your loved one’s security and maintain their calm.

Accreditations and Trainings

Need more proof about how outstanding our community, staff, and exclusive programs are? We hold 5-star accreditations and certifications from—

  • The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA)
  • National Council of Certified Dementia Care Practitioner
  • Certified Dementia Care Practitioners (CDP) for staff members
  • Best Friends Approach
  • Music and Memory

In addition to our evidence-based programs and wellness initiatives, our person-centered model of care includes a brand new community that sets an advanced standard in the senior living industry. At Palm Beach Memory Care, you’ll find—

  • Four unique neighborhoods, fostering a tight-knit community feel
  • Several well-appointed common areas for socializing and group activities
  • Access to the Sagely system, allowing families to virtually check in on loved ones
  • Private bathrooms, to promote the independence and dignity of our residents
  • Resident rooms designed to support the needs of people with dementia
  • A community designed for residents’ safe, independent navigation
  • A central location that’s serenely tucked away from noisy highways

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Connection • Compassion • Community

We’re a memory care—reimagined

The old ways just weren’t working anymore. So, we decided to transform them. Using current research and modern concepts of dementia care, we created a new kind of memory care community. Our residents continue to enjoy their lives, connect with family, and engage in meaningful activities, while having their daily needs met by our highly trained staff.

What makes Palm Beach Memory Care so different? In a word—Everything. 

Ready to learn how we can serve your family’s unique needs? Reach out today! We’re happy to answer your questions about life in our community.