Innovative Monitoring

Unobtrusive Sensors and Silent Paging

The Vigil Monitoring System

Our residents need to be safe. They also deserve to enjoy a high quality of life. With The Vigil System—they can have both. This innovative monitoring system was designed to provide for our residents’ comfort, while allowing us to consistently ensure their security and wellbeing.

What is The Vigil System?

While other resident monitoring systems rely on flashing lights and loud alarms that often upset and confuse people with dementia, The Vigil System uses high-tech, unobtrusive sensor technology to keep a close eye on residents, without disrupting their lives.

With The Vigil System’s smart sensor technology and silent paging capabilities, we’re able to support our residents’ safety and reduce their risk for falls—a leading cause of traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries in the senior population.

System Features

Motion Sensors

Many people with dementia have wandering behaviors, so we closely monitor their movements for safety. For wheelchair-bound residents, or those with limited mobility, we must also ensure they’re standing and walking with necessary assistance. These silent sensors allow us to assist and redirect residents safely, without upsetting or agitating them in the process.

Bed Exit Sensors

Some residents require help with getting out of bed. This sensor notifies staff when a resident gets up, so we can quickly offer support. It also alerts staff if a resident falls out of bed, so we can provide prompt assistance and care in this event.

Incontinence Sensors

Incontinence is a common issue amongst residents in memory care. If not addressed, it can create a decline in resident dignity, and even issues like skin breakdown. With Vigil, staff is not only alerted immediately to provide assistance in the event of incontinence, it also tracks when these episodes occur. If a pattern exists, we can adjust a resident’s care accordingly—offering toileting at specific times to reduce episodes of incontinence.

Why is monitoring important?

People with dementia are at increased risk for adverse events, due to difficulties with recall, self monitoring, and judgment. Falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury in people over the age of 80. And, a high percentage of falls can lead to serious bodily injury.

Maintaining our residents’ independence, mobility, and quality of life is a core part of our mission. With The Vigil System, we keep our residents safe and secure, offering immediate, 24 hour assistance, while preserving their dignity and peace of mind. We believe that’s a win-win.

Why don’t other facilities have it?

Because The Vigil System is so sophisticated and comprehensive, it must be installed via hardwiring when a building is constructed. For most other facilities—that’s just not an option.

Additionally, using this system requires extensive staff training in order to be understood and successfully implemented. With staffing shortages running rampant, most other facilities simply don’t have the time or energy to provide this level of education to their staff.

Here at Palm Beach Memory Care, our highly trained and qualified staff are part of our mission to provide a new standard of care in the senior living industry. We believe our residents and staff are special—and we treat them accordingly.

But that’s not all…

Speaking of our amazing staff—every Palm Beach Memory Care team member receives extensive, specialized training to assist and support residents with the safe, independent performance of their activities of daily living. This includes a mandatory behavioral immersion program, where our staff gain a deep understanding of what it’s like to live with dementia.

We understand—We empathize—We care. You can count on us!