Superior, Signature Services

Palm Beach memory Care is the premier dedicated memory care community in southeastern Florida. Located in the heart of beautiful North Palm Beach County, we offer residents and their loved ones a pathway to reconnection and enhanced quality of life. 

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The Pathways Program

Because it’s never too late to connect

We leave no stone unturned in addressing the comprehensive needs of our residents with Alzheimers and other types of dementia, with our signature Pathways Program.

This proprietary, person-centered, evidence-based program was designed to help people reconnect with their lives and loved ones at every stage in life’s journey.

Our staff receives extensive training and education to implement this program, and we personalize our approach for each individual resident.

Rather than focusing on impairments, we celebrate everything our residents can do. We believe their abilities are much stronger than their disabilities—and science supports our view.

We’re so proud to offer The Pathways Program to you, exclusively at our flagship community.

Safe & Secure—

With The Vigil System

Our residents need to be safe. They also deserve to enjoy a high quality of life. With The Vigil System—they can have both. This innovative monitoring system was designed to provide for our residents’ comfort, while allowing us to consistently ensure their security and wellbeing.

Nutrition & Nourishment

The dining experience—redefined.

Malnutrition and dehydration are a huge issue with the senior population. They’re an even bigger concern for those living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. In their own homes, these individuals often neglect to eat or drink enough water. They struggle with meal planning and preparation. This can quickly snowball into serious health consequences.

Here at Palm Beach Memory Care, we recognize the issues our residents face. And we do everything in our power to address and overcome them. Our staff are trained to monitor and assist residents needing additional support during mealtimes. We’ll offer alternatives, additional items, and encourage your loved one by providing preferred choices.

We also recognize our residents’ needs and preferences may shift and change—that’s why we always meet them where they are, making adjustments as needed. We can even modify the texture and presentation of our foods.
Some residents do well when offered finger foods, others require adaptive utensils, while others benefit from one-on-one support and assistance during a meal in order to eat and drink enough safely.

  Whatever our residents need—we’re here for them.